Scarlett is really happy with Ben great choice she is already improving beyond recognition. Thank you.
Gaby Zein, Parent

You've done something amazing to those girls! Last night Rae composed and wrote lyrics for her first song, and Mabel was jamming in an abstract style! They're very taken with you, a treat to see. Thanks.
Julie Stockley, Parent

Ben is absolutely wonderful, and he is one of our most respected teachers. I think he will be a great inspiration for Thomas. He is an extremely determined and well organised individual, who is not only a professional pianist but also a professional gymnast!
Sofia Wilde, former Education Manager & Music Teacher, The Music House for Children

Ben is great. He has managed to inspire Fraser and suddenly (and at last) Fraser is wanting to play every day! Fantastic.
Amy Barclay, Parent

It was only Jemima's second lesson but she had already mastered her hand position, and was happily jumping around the keyboard at octave intervals ... Jemima proudly played 'Hot Cross Buns' ... rhythm was being reinforced with clapping and rhymes.
Article extract from Angels and Urchins Magazine

Benjamin has a natural and sensitive musicality, and an intrinsic ease at the piano ... he has very special gifts which would make him an outstanding teacher.
Philip Fowke, Concert Pianist, Senior Fellow - Trinity College of Music

I rate Ben Shepherd very highly indeed. He is a serious musician, totally open and committed to whatever he does. He has a natural and gentle presence, which children will appreciate. He takes health and well-being responsibly, has a professional attitude ... He will be a patient and considerate teacher and I recommend him highly.
Paul Chapman, Professor, Trinity College of Music

Kimberly tells me that you were an hour early to your session with Mrs Fletcher on Tuesday, due to your concern with time and the weather situation ... I'd just like to say thanks for this. I think it shows great commitment and total professionalism that you were prepared to leave enough time to make sure their session would not be affected; this is precisely what I admire and need from our professors.
Robert Emery, Creative Director, The Arts Academy