He is clearly a serious, committed and musical performer
Peter Bithell, September 2010

He is a sincere and sensitive pianist
Julian Jacobson, September 2009

He plays with assurance, passion and considerable musicality
Philip Fowke, 11 February 2009

Intelligent playing with an appreciation of the elegance and tonal palette of the style
Stephen Savage, 25 January 2009

Benjamin has a natural and sensitive musicality, and an intrinsic ease at the piano ...
Philip Fowke, 06 June 2008

I rate Ben Shepherd very highly indeed. He is a serious musician, totally open and committed to whatever he does.
Paul Chapman, 29 November 2007

To round off the evening, Benjamin Shepherd sought to persuade us that Chopin was 'the poet of the piano'. After a performance of the Scherzo No. 1, which was brilliantly profound, the audience needed no convincing.
Roger Jones, Cheltenham Echo, April 2005

Expressive and beautifully phrased ... Bravo
Deniz Arman Gelenbe, 15 April 2005

The Slavický Burlesca was played with real bravura and panache
Douglas Finch, 14 February 2005

He has very fine hands ... he is a very talented musician with a big potential
Alexander Ardakov, 24 November 2004

The loudest applause came when Benjamin Shepherd took to the stage. He held the audience spellbound with his interpretation of Chopin works on the piano ... it was clear everyone was amazed at his talent.
Alfred Lawrence, Gloucestershire Echo, April 2004

The performance was lyrical, dramatic and well constructed
Deniz Arman Gelenbe, 5 March 2004